dichloromethane production

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dichloromethane is produced from two successive chlorination reactions: the chlorination of methane to methyl chloride followed by the chlorination of methyl chloride to dichloromethane:
ch4(g) + cl2(g) → ch3cl(g) + hcl(g)
ch3cl(g) + cl2(g) → ch2cl2(l) + hcl(g) δĥr = -134.69 kj/mol
using the standard heats of formation in the back of your text and the heat of reaction listed above to answer the following questions.
a) what is the standard heat of formation of ch2cl2(l)?

b) what is the standard heat of reaction for the combined (overall) reaction below?
ch4(g) + 2cl2(g) → ch2cl2(l) + 2hcl(g)
c) if methane and chlorine reacts to produce 314.0 mol/hr of ch2cl2(l), and the reactants and products are at 25°c and 1 atm, how much heat is evolved or absorbed in the process?

d)does the sign in your response indicate if heat is evolved or absorbed.
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