discuss the critical thinking guidelines used to evaluate internet and web resources

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these sites have to do with immigration. use the methods discussed in the chapter to evaluate the accuracy and objectivity of each site. cite the sponsoring organization.
texans for fair immigration, inc. immigration facts & statistics, http://www.texansforimmigrationreform.com
migration dialog, http://migration.ucdavis.edu
health reform legislation and immigration, http://www.cis.org/illegalhealthcarereform
let’s look at some commercial sites. what is the audience and what is the purpose of each of these commercial cites? is the main purpose informational or to sell a product? is the information reliable?
better homes and gardens online, http://www.bhg.com/
michael flatley’s lord of the dance, http://www.lordofthedance.com
debeers, http://www.debeers.com
edmunds.com, http://www.edmunds.com
the following resources provide information on alternative medicine. using the guidelines in chapter 3 of your textbook, evaluate each of these sites for authorship, currency, accuracy and bias.
alternative medicine health updates, http://www.heall.com/index.html
herbmed, http://www.herbmed.org
national center for complementary and alternative medicine, http://nccam.nih.gov
these websites all have to do with the issue of sustainable forest management. write a brief evaluation of each focusing on whether the information is objective or advocating a cause.
national association of forest industries, http://www.nafi.com.au/site/
sustainable hardwoods, ahec europe, http://www.sustainablehardwoods.info
forest protection and watershed restoration, http://www.northcascades.org/programs/forest_watershed.html
using microsoft word, write a summary of your findings.

number each question and answer with completeness for each question.
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