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answer one (or more) of the following:
1. compare and contrast two different points of view on expanding trade by accessing the websites of the us chamber of commerce (an industry coalition promoting increased access to and from world markets www.uschamber.com (links to an external site.)) and the american federation of labor-congress of industrial organizations (afl-cio, www.aflcio.org (links to an external site.))
2. find sources to investigate market characteristics (such as population, income, urbanization level, purchasing power parity, consumption patterns, infrastructure measures, physical quality of life index (pqli), internet usage, etc. the indicators listed in chapter 4)
3. we have reviewed all these regional blocs and free trade agreements. what do you think is the purpose of these mechanisms? related to the answer, how would you evaluate the mission of wto (world trade organization, view at www.wto.org (links to an external site.))?
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