Project Description:

answer one of the following:
1. view the jwt consumer trends (available under class materialhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sezesym8v3c (links to an external site.) ). discuss whether you agree with them, using yourself as the example. then, select a country in the world (other than your home country or the us) and discuss whether the trends apply to the consumers in that country. which ones apply and which ones don't? why and why not?
2. view the nielsen global consumer research clip (also available under class materialhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0o3ohmqnoc (links to an external site.) . note three facts from this clip that caught your attention. why did it catch your attention? discuss how you can use these facts in multinational marketing.

3. using http://www.marketresearchworld.net/content/category/8/132/77/ (links to an external site.) resource, look up a research report on global consumer confidence or economic climate. what implications does the report provide for global marketers?

4. read the handout (the 10 global macro trends for the next five years, by euromonitor market research blog posted on november 7, 2012). what are the implications you will note? why?

students are required to:
1. answer the question and
2. make 2 replies to other students’ comments. these replies need to be made on 2 different days to encourage discussion. replying to others’ comments for your original answer is welcome but this does not count as a separate response. you are welcome to post more than that and are actively encouraged to do so. there is no grace period for discussions – the discussion closes at the end of each weekly session.

grading criteria for on line commentary:
1. how effectively you answer each selected question.
2. to what extent are you are making the appropriate number of comments and replies in the time frame allotted.
3. to what extent are your comments substantial in terms of length, meaningful, insightful and thoughtful in terms of their quality and making positive contributions to the on line discussion.
4. discussions will be closed down on schedule. there is no grace period for a discussion board; it closes immediately at the concluding date and time.
5. your discussions are not graded based on the “correctness” of what you write per se because the goal is for you to learn but are almost exclusively based on items 1-2-3 above.
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