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based on the report 1 you have prepared, you now know the country on which you will focus your international entry efforts. with that decision made and with the material from chapters 9 and 10 under your belt, you need to make the following decisions to include in the report #2, strategy portion. these two questions are to be worked on for the next two weeks.

1. which form of entry strategies should you utilize? in other words, will you be exporting, licensing, franchising, or utilize fdi? what about joint ventures? (if so, then with whom?) any special forms of strategic alliances to utilize?

in answering this portion, i need to see the evidence that you analyzed each option with evaluations of pros and cons. in the final report, the analysis will go to the appendix, and only the chosen option will be discussed in depth within the body of the report.

2. how would you structure and organize your company to prepare for the international expansion? formulate the current (pre-expansion) organization chart, and propose changes to the future/projected (post-expansion) organizational chart. both charts are to be included in the final report.
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