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read chapter 11 and answer at least one of the following:

1. study exhibit 11.1 about the elements of a product. choose a global brand from the interbrand top 100 global brand (http://bestglobalbrands.com/2014/ranking/ (links to an external site.)) and analyze each element.

2. study exhibit 11.4. about cultural and psychological factors affecting product adaptation (you should be able to answer any of these questions for a given brand on the exam). closely examine the following questions:

ii.a.3. "does the symbolic content of the product or service differ from one country to another?"

ii.a.4. "does the psychic cost of purchasing or using the product or service the same, whatever the country?"

ii.a.5. "does the appeal of the product or service for a cosmopolitan market differ from one market to another?"

choose a brand from the interbrand top 100 global brand (http://bestglobalbrands.com/2014/ranking/ (links to an external site.)) for which the answer to one of the above-listed questions is a no. specifically, use at least two different countries to illustrate why the answer is a no.

3. read the article (http://www.brandingmagazine.com/2014/10/21/the-3-ps-brands-must-embrace-people-purpose-participation/ (links to an external site.)). much like what we did in groups in class on nov 3, pick a different global brand from the top 100 list and analyze how they are doing in terms of the 3 ps (people, purpose, and participation).
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