Project Description:

read chapters 11 and 12 and answer the following:
1. discuss international services by answering the following three questions.
a. what are the typical international services?
b. how does the international sale of service differ from the sale of goods? use specific examples to illustrate.
c. discuss the effects of cultural sensitivity on international services.

2. select one global brand from the global top 100 brand (whether service or good) and one specific country in which the brand currently operates, and answer the following set of questions. you will need to search for the specific ways of the country-specific promotion/advertising strategy. (at least visit the websites of the specific country, or research business articles/publications on how they market in different countries).
a. describe the specific targeted local market.

b. what is the advertising message? critique how appealing it is to the local market's taste.
c. what media channels is the brand using, to access and communicate with the target market?
d. what types of sales promotions are being used? list both consumer promotions and trade promotions.
e. what is the image pursued by pr? refer to corporate advertising, if you can find any.
f. what are the sponsorship marketing opportunities currently being utilized? critique and suggest new partnerships or sponsorship opportunities.

students are required to:
1. answer the questions
grading criteria for on line commentary:
1. how effectively you answer each selected question.
2. to what extent are you are making the appropriate number of comments and replies in the time frame allotted.
3. to what extent are your comments substantial in terms of length, meaningful, insightful and thoughtful in terms of their quality and making positive contributions to the on line discussion.
4. discussions will be closed down on schedule. there is no grace period for a discussion board; it closes immediately at the concluding date and time.
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