discussion question from coach -- how much work is involved and $$ please.

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hi everyone,

i really appreciate the jump in quality of work you have presented this week. i see citations and good material being shared.

please continue with your discussions and let us try and cover a few aspects as a group. means not everyone has to get into every thread! :-)

· how to detect waste? what kind of tools and techniques are helpful at different levels of an organisation?
· what kind of analytical tools / frameworks seem to fit the situations you are reading about (and your own situation)?
· and of course, please ask questions and try to get an understanding of situation you find interesting.
· what are the new emerging areas related to this topic – e.g. lean and green
· also examine the co2-based arguments within your waste-reduction thoughts.
· do you apply also measurements related to co2 within your waste-reduction activities?

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