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"transfer pricing" please respond to the following:
• from the second e-activity, assess the potential problems a multinational firm could encounter using negotiated transfer pricing instead of market-based transfer pricing and make a recommendation to the firm on how to avoid these problems.
• evaluate the accounting ethics of creating, initiating, or adjusting transactions to repatriate excess cash for multinational firms in transfer pricing decisions and suggest a way that this practice may be implemented.
incremental costs analysis and opportunity costs" please respond to the following:
• from the first e-activity, evaluate the opportunity costs for damien chrysler for failure to accept a proposal from within to manufacture a vehicle for the indian market and suggest ways that opportunity cost can be minimized.
• analyze how excess capacity and incremental cost analysis can benefit management decisions to accept or reject projects and how this process can impact the financial performance of the business.

week 5 eactivities
• go to the institute of management accountant’s website to read the article titled “making money from available capacity: a proposed model for fostering innovation,” dated summer 2010, located at http://www.imanet.org/pdfs/public/maq/2010_q3/maqsummer2010_low_rev_1.pdf. be prepared to discuss.

• go to industry week magazine’s website to read the article titled “what manufacturers need to know about transfer pricing,” dated march 2, 2011, located at http://www.industryweek.com/articles/what_manufacturers_need_to_know_about_transfer_pricing_23980.aspx?page=1. be prepared to discuss.
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