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below are questions for a discussion forum. each question should be answered with a paragraph minimum but more information if needed. questions 1-4 need to be answered and submitted to me by tomorrow, 10/7/2015. the remaining questions, 5-10 are due by monday, 10/12/15.

1) pick a publicly traded company. describe its competitive advantage using the resource-based model of above average returns.
2) apple's strategy enables them to be competitive in their respective market. according to porter (1996), strategy is about trade-offs and choices. do you agree or disagree? use an example to support your position.
3) what are vision and mission statements? what is their value for the strategic management process? select an example of strong vision/mission (cite your source). what are its positive characteristics?
4) mission statements state a company's goals. from my business experience, a mission statement is a sentence that describes a company's major function, the markets they do business in, their major competitive advantages and the goals of the business. using your own words, define strategy. what is the vision, mission and strategy of the organization you currently work for, or one that you worked for in the past?
5) compare google with facebook. in terms of the five forces of competition, do you feel these companies view one another as competitors? why or why not?
6) describe the elements of an organization's external environment. why is it important to understand the external environment?
7) why is it important to conduct a swot analysis? what are the weaknesses of a swot analysis? why is that so?
8) why is sustainable competitive advantage a critical strategy-making consideration?
9) how can you determine a core competency?
10) what is the relationship between capabilities and core competencies?
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