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hello all,

thank you for taking the time to consider my project for your next line of work! this task is part of my course for diversity management. we are to read 3 journal articles provided below and give one 250 word response to the question(s) our instructor provides below. the response is to be in 3rd person and in apa format. we are to use the academic articles, "leadership styles" transcript, and the "leadership self-assessment to support in our responses. i will provide all files and articles to be used. this project is an urgent matter and is needed by midnight tomorrow night if possible! here are the details:

(discussion 1):

* preparation:
complete your leadership self-assessment.

* discussion:
one style of leadership is better suited to different times and situations than another. it is important, therefore, to understand which leadership style best fits the needs of a given situation. it might be said that the best leaders are those who can demonstrate characteristics of multiple leadership styles and can adapt those characteristics based on need and situation.

based on the results of your leadership styles assessment, the leadership styles media presentation, and the readings from this unit, describe your personal leadership style and the leadership characteristics that are most dominant for you. how might you integrate other leadership characteristics into your style to be more effective in a wider variety of situations?

* be sure you follow apa guidelines for citations and references.

* reminder
your post needs to:

be at least 250 words.
contain a minimum of one reference or citation.
follow apa guidelines.

*attached are files for:
- 3 journal articles to be used
- "leadership styles" transcript
- "leadership self-assessment"

if you have any questions let me know. thank you all for your help :)
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