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locate the 2009 financial statements for the walt disney company on the internet. use those financial statements and consider the following questions.

1. as illustrated in exhibit 10-10, interbrand estimates the value of the disney brand name in 2009 at $28.45 billion. search disney's financial statements and notes—what is disney's estimate of the value of the disney name?

2. what summary journal entry did disney make to record interest incurred during fiscal 2009? (hint: don't forget to distinguish between interest incurred and cash paid for interest.)

3. find disney's note about intangible assets. what is disney's amortization policy for intangible assets? how often does disney review its intangible assets to determine if their carrying values are recorded accurately?

4. according to the statement of cash flows, in 2009 disney spent $1,753 million on investments in parks, resorts, and other property. use the notes to the financial statements to determine how much of this total related to each of disney's operating segments.
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