dispute between the philippines and china

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hi carol, i would like to hire you to do a final project i also would like to know how much would you do it for. here are the details, and please let me know.

here is the final project for the international business law class. we are going to set up teams and write a paper of at least 5 pages and have a debate on the dispute between the philippines and china over the south china sea. the paper must contain the arguments for both china and the philippines, and the teams must be prepared at the debate to argue either side. the teams will not know which side they are arguing for until the day of the debate.

for the background of the dispute see: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/analysis-south-china-sea-ruling-has-so-far-fueled-tensions/2016/07/22/4b19036c-5076-11e6-bf27-405106836f96_story.html?wpisrc=nl_az_most and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/philippines_v._china . all the details and specific documents in the case, in several languages (english, chinese, and french), are found at https://www.pcacases.com/web/view/7 .

i want the following issues to be covered at a minimum:

where is the south china sea? why is it important to global trade?
what are china and the philippines doing that created the dispute?
what court hears and decides the case? what is the legal basis for the court's jurisdiction?
what were the factual issues before the court? what were the legal issues before the court?
what was china's position on the legal and factual issues?
what was the philippines position on the factual and legal issues?
what did the court decide on the legal issues?
what did the court decide on the factual issues?
what effect has the decision had on china and the philippines? how is the decision enforced?
does the decision affect other countries in the region that were not parties and global trade generally? why or why not?
what do you think will happen in the future because of the decision. give reasons for your answer.
a few comments on this task:

do not wait until the last minute to begin research on this task. i expect to see a well-researched, in-depth paper on all the above issues.
remember, the way to get an "a+" is to tell me something i didn't teach you.
i will want a draft of the paper's outline to review a week before the debate.
i can always spot sections in a paper that are "cut and paste". i have no problem with reasonable cut and paste in the sections of the paper relating to facts (i.e., annual tonnage shipped through the sea, number of islands involved, provisions of treaties, etc.). i do not want to see cut and paste in the sections relating to analysis and opinion. in short, objective matters may be lifted from other sources with appropriate references, while subjective matters must be original.
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