diversity training the positive and negative

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i need to do cheater 1 for this task and my subject is about diversity training the positive and negative. and have to be 4 pages.

chapter i: introduction
the first section should be an introduction to your topic. this section you should demonstrate your ability to write a scholarly paper. you should review the background of your topic and give an outline of the contents of your paper. in this section you are expected to present a broad review of the literature of the topic of study synthesizing the major theories in the respective knowledge domains. while seminal data may be important, the vast majority of the literature cited should be current (within four years of the date of the paper).
statement of the problem
the problem statement is the very core of the document. it must be clearly written to show the reader the direction of the research. the statement of the problem is usually seen written in one of two ways. one way that is often seen is in the form of a question. this method is very effective for a few reasons:
1. the reader can clearly understand that the purpose of this work is to answer this particular question clearly and entirely.
2. the researcher has really narrowed down the topic to show where the focus of the document is going to be for his/her own clarity.
if the reader is not clear on the expectations of the document, then it will be much more challenging for the reader to achieve follow and/or understand the document.
purpose of the study
the purpose of the study must be made clear to the reader. the researcher has a large task to help all readers understand why this particular research is important and worth their time to read. the researcher is urged to look at this section as a mock debate. the researcher must debate the issue that this topic is important, while the readers do not feel that it is. this will produce a very persuasive argument thus making this section a successful part of the document.
research questions
if you use research questions they would be placed here in the document. such questions help point out to the reader, some of the key issues that will be covered. research questions must be answered in the document in the same order that they appear in the document.
need for the study
this section should point out clearly why and how the study will add valuable information to the topic or add to the society’s general knowledge on the subject. it is important to understand the difference between the purpose of the study and the need for the study. there are two different sections of the document and should be presented as such. both of these sections should flow together with the purpose of the study setting the foundation for the need for the study.
design of the study
this section informs the reader of the way the research was conducted giving the reader enough information to understand the approach being used by the researcher the three most commonly used methods are descriptive, conceptual, and empirical.
definition of terms
in this section the researcher will help the reader understand any terms that may be unclear or have multiple definitions. definitions are not to come from a dictionary but from appropriate professional journals and publications. target audience should be considered and the researcher should be careful not to belittle the intelligence of reading audience.
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