do certifications really help?

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in this task, you will investigate the need for certifications for it workers. in the past decade, there has been a shift toward obtaining these testaments to one's ability to perform a particular it job. research this trend and create a paper on various kinds of certifications and whether or not they aid in securing a position.

1.using the jones e-global library® and other resources, research it certifications. a word document, outline the following: a.begin by enumerating, from your research, what you believe to be the most prominent it certifications being offered today, making sure to cite your sources in proper apa format. describe what these certifications are supposed to confirm about one's skills and abilities.
b.provide substantive information on what these certifications cost to obtain, the methodology used to assess a candidate, and the terms for maintaining them, once they are awarded.
c.discuss the granting organizations, their history, and the perception of the industry toward these certifications.
d.illustrate whether there is evidence to suggest that possessing a given certification results in a higher paying job. document and properly cite your findings.

3.present your research in a two to four page paper consisting of: a.a title page with name, title, course name, instructor, and date.
b.the main body, consisting of at least two to four pages.
c.a reference list, presented in proper apa style, of all references utilized.
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