do project management simulation and write a 500 words report

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you need to run the hbr simulation on project management ( already phuchase simulation.if you can do the task i will give you the account name and password.
you are required to run 3 scenarios (scenarios a, b, and c). the first two scenarios are for you to practice and learn about the simulation (you can run the simulations as many times as you want). after completing scenario c, you need to report your score and critical decisions (by using screen shots) that led you to get that score. provide a page long (max 500 words) self-evaluation report explaining what kind of decisions you have made under what conditions with justifications for the times that the simulation recorded a significant change (i.e., shifting to decrease from increase or vice versa, etc.) or continuous increase or decrease for a while. do you consider your progress with the project successful? what could have been done alternatively to get a better score on the simulation?

the report words limited is 500!!
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