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document for analysis: routine request

analyze the following letter. pinpoint its strengths and weaknesses, and then revise the letter using block letter style with open punctuation. an example of a block style letter can be found in the back of your textbook in the stylecard section, or by clicking the style area of the course. students need to submit the strengths and weaknesses in an easy to read format and the revised letter using block letter style with open punctuation.

here are some hints:
•lists should be displayed using bullets
•letters have 3 paragraphs
•open puncuation has no puncuation in the salutation or close

dear ms. fondren:i am the vice president of operations for sherman corporation, a manufacturer of golf ball components. we have operated plants across the midwest for thirty years, and we are contemplating opening a facility in the south within the next two we evaluate our operational needs and requirements, we are collecting data from various locations we think may provide a site that will generate the maximum benefit for both sherman and the locale under consideration. therefore, i would appreciate it if you could send me some information about knoxville and its surrounding area, including information on population demographics and major employers, as well as a geographic description of the area. i’d also like to know about the weather, education, and cultural opportunities in the area, and, of course, the cost of living.thank you for your assistance, and i look forward to your response.
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