documentary review

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documentary review guidelines
this is a 3.5-4 page paper, typewritten, double spaced, times new roman, font size 12, 1 inch margins in ms-word compatible format. it has the following structure:

1. introduction (1 paragraph)
identify the documentary by title and specify its type (fiction, nonfiction, biography, autobiography…). state the documentary’s theme and thesis.
a. theme: the theme is the subject or topic. it is not necessarily the title, and it is usually not expressed in a complete sentence. it expresses a specific phase of the general subject matter.
b. thesis: the thesis is an author’s generalization about the theme, the author’s beliefs about something important, the documentary’s philosophical conclusion, or the proposition the author means to prove. express it without metaphor or other figurative language, in one declarative sentence.
you will need to include background to enable reader(s) to place the documentary into a specific context. for example, you might want to describe the general problem the documentary addresses.

2. summary (1 page)
provide a description of events that occurred during the film. list the principal topics, and briefly summarize the ideas expressed in the documentary about these topics, main points, and conclusions.

3. reflections (2 pages)
evaluate the documentary for interest, objectivity, importance, thoroughness, and usefulness to its intended audience.
explore issues the movie raises: what do you make of those issues? what possibilities does the movie suggest? explain. what matters does the movie leave out? explain. what specific points are not convincing?
respond to the opinions expressed in the movie: what do you agree or disagree with? and why? illustrate whether or not any conclusions drawn are derived logically from the evidence.
relate the documentary to larger issues: how did the movie affect you? were any previous ideas you had on the subject changed, abandoned, or reinforced due to this movie?
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