dove case

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dove case

i have this dove case. first, i need you to read the case and than answer the questions with a very quality and more explanation with figures and exhibits. using apa style and the case should not exceed 7 pages figures or exhibits which may be placed in an appendix. the case will also reflect on the current positioning strategy of dove and compare it those of three competitors. i’ve attached the case to read it in order to do this task.
1. what is a brand? why does unilever want fewer of them?
2. what was dove’s positioning in the 1950s? what is its positioning in 2007?
3. how did unilever organize to do product category management and brand management in unilever before 2000? what was the corresponding structure after 2000? how was brand meaning controlled before 2000 and how is it controlled at the time of the case?
4. spend a little time searching blogs, using google blog search, blogrunner, technocratic or any other blog search engines to get a sense of what people are saying about dove today. what does this discussion contribute to the meaning of the brand?
5. footnote 1 of the case leads you to a blogger how asks, with reference to the age of the youtube advertising, "is marketing now cheap, fast, and out of control?" footnote 2 refers to dove as having started a conversation "that they don't have control of." in "when tush comes to dove," seth stevenson writes about the "risky bet that dove is making." do you see risks for the dove brand today?
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