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the data set project.raw contains 3563 observations drawn from the merged outgoing rotation group file of the 1999 current population survey with the following variables:
lnwage = log of hourly wage yreduc = years of education age16 = age – 16 age16sq = age16 squared female = dummy, =1 if female, =0 if male race = dummy, =1 if caucasian, =2 if african-american
to upload the data set into stata, issue the following command from the command window: infile lnwage yreduc age16 age16sq female race using "where ever you save the data setproject.raw" or go to the menu bar: (1) click on file, (2) click on import, (3) choose unformatted text data, (4) choose the data set using browse and enter lnwage yreduc age16 age16sq female race into new variable names, (5) click ok.
before running any of the following regressions, create a dummy variable afam that equals 1 if the person is african-american and 0 if the person is caucasian. to crate the dummy variable, issue the following commands: generate afam = 1 replace afam = 0 if race == 1
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