economic analysis of production

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production costs are an ongoing organizational concern. firms employ a variety of analysis techniques to assure that costs are contained while maintaining minimum quality standards. in addition, the market structure that the firm operates in is important. a company who has a monopoly in the market may make decisions differently than a company that functions in a highly competitive market.

to complete this task you will use lirn (library and information resources network). to access lirn, follow the instructions under online resources on page 1 of the syllabus.

search lirn to find and write a summary / overall review of two to three peer-reviewed journal articles that are appropriate for concepts in the economics and architecture chapters covered this week.

note: the gale infotrac databases and the proquest collection are especially useful when searching for economics / business resources.

using microsoft word, prepare a document in apa format that discusses the journal articles you selected. suggested topics are listed below but you are free to select any journal articles from lirn written about any topic appropriate for the material covered this week.


returns to scale
short run versus long run
economies of scope
profit maximization
market structures
barriers to entry
the individual work task must be 3 to 4 pages in length.

reference all sources using apa format. for guidance using apa format, please refer to the purdue online writing lab and / or contact your instructor
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