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1) explain the macroeconomic effects of a tax cut according to the ricardian equivalence proposition. include in your answer the is-lm graph that shows the effects of this tax cut.
2) what are the factors that will determine the size of some future required tax increase to pay off all debt?
3) define the cyclically adjusted deficit. explain what effect a recession caused, for example, by a reduction in consumer confidence will have on the size of the cyclically adjusted deficit.
10) explain the macroeconomic effects of changes in monetary policy in: (1) the short run; and (2) the medium run.
11) suppose an economy experiences an increase in inflation. explain the possible macroeconomic benefits of this increase in inflation.
12) write out the equation that represents the taylor rule. discuss how the taylor rule is used to explain the implementation of monetary policy.
13) explain what role money illusion plays in determining the fed's ability to affect output in the short run.
15) what are the factors that will determine the optimal inflation rate?
16) what are the lessons from the crisis for monetary policy? 17) until the 1990s, how was monetary policy typically conducted in advanced countries?
18) discuss the change of the design of monetary policy over time.
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