economic policy in greece

Project Description:

essays must make use of (and refer to) at least four (5) news articles. these articles may be from
newspapers, news magazines, or academic journals. these sources must be published: online webpages
do not qualify. class texts and articles (e.g. drogus/orvis) may be used as background sources, but do
not qualify as one of the four cited sources and should not be used as a source for substantial sections of
the paper.
b) use concepts/processes from class to discuss the political dimensions of the issue. students may
refer to and draw from drogus/orvis text (although this will not be adequate as a source). comparison
of the country/case with other countries described in drogus/orvis is recommended.
c) should point out why/how the issue has recent significant for the politics of the country being
studied. papers on broad historical topics or past events, on non-political issues will not qualify as having
met core requirements for this project.
d) while the paper is about a current/contemporary political issue, general information from unofficial
websites, ‘blogs’ or special interest groups will not be accepted as valid sources. ‘google’ searches are
strongly discouraged. acceptable news sources include: newspapers, news wire services.
e) format:
 completed papers should be no less than 6 pages
 1-inch margins, double spaced, 12 pt. font
 organize the paper into sections (with subheadings) including an ‘introduction’ section and a
‘conclusion/discussion’ section
 the paper should use the apa, mla or chicago citation
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