economics model two parts due 30 hours

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there are 2 tasks:
complete two econ model building task. this junior year course is called development and public policy. the task is not easy and you may need to check the lecture slide before doing them. actually there is a great possibility that you need to go through and learn all the lecture slide before doing the task. i have uploaded all the material about the course including slides and task instruction.
in order to begin the second task, you will need to finish the first task. since this task is very important, i need the tutor who take my question to communicate with me at least once every 12 hours to report the progress.
simply signing up for the question then disappear would not be accepted. warning: this task is hard and time is short, that is why the price is high. sign up for the question only when you already have a clear idea of the task and its difficulty and are 100% confident that you can accomplish the task.

download attachment: development and public policy.rar additional requirements level of detail: show all work other requirements: i will be online all the time before the deadline. leave message if you got any questions. and do remember to communicate first before taking the question.
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