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find attach file of screenshots
also had a few simple corrections to what i posted above:

1. option a. in question 1 should read "spending $3 million monthly to finance the construction of new public housing of quality 120.", not "quality 150".

2. question 1b on the task defines the face value of the vouchers equals the difference between monthly rent and 30% of household income. the math is much easier if it's the difference between monthly rent and one-third of household income, not 30%.

3.a typo in the "hint" formula in question 2:

the actual formula is the percent change in price equals the percent change in quantity demand, divided by the quantity elasticity of supply minus elasticity of demand.

note: i can only pay $15. kindly do not ask me "contact me" or "send me details" everything is attached

if you can do in 10 hours from now then create $15 hire and i will hire you

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