effective proofreading

Project Description:

for business messages to be well received, they must be understood. this requires careful proofreading for clarity and grammar and punctuation errors. in this task, you will produce an e-mail message. this message should be clear and free from errors. you need to become familiar with widely available proofreading sources in order to accomplish such tasks. start by locating one or more resources to assist you. you will use this resource as the basis for the content of your e-mail, but the goal is to write a clear business e-mail free of errors.

do an internet search for advice on effective proofreading. some search terms to try are:
effective proofreading
proofreading techniques
proofreading strategies
editing and proofreading
write a brief, business-style e-mail message to your instructor describing the proofreading resource(s) that you found. summarize the career skills information you learned from it, noting how this resource can help you on a real-world job task.

submission requirements:
submit your response in a 1 page word document.
use arial 12-point, font.
use double-spacing.
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