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all smaller electrical generation plants (5-10 mwatt) are now designed as “combined heat and power (chp)”plants. as shown schematically in figure 1, the gas turbine (brayton cycle) and steam generator (rankine cycle) system that make up the chp system. for the chp system heat qh1, from the high temperature (th1) reservoir, usually closed-cycle, stationary gas turbines, is transferred to the heat engine. the work from the gas turbine, w1, goes to an electrical generator. the thermal efficiency of this primary cycle is η1.which is the thermal efficiency of the gas turbine.

the heat rejected from this heat engine, ql1, is transferred from the heat exchanger, which is also the high temperature, th2, for a secondary heat engine, normally a rankine cycle steam generator, so that, for a 100% efficient heat exchanger, qh2=ql1 and th2=tl1 the work,w2, also goes to an electrical generator. the heat rejected from the steam generator, ql2, is rejected to a low temperature reservoir tl2. the thermal efficiency of this secondary cycle η2, is the thermal efficiency of the steam generator.

it is this use of the rejected heat from the primary heat engine as the high temperature source for the secondary heat engine that increases the efficiency of the chp design.
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