electronic portfolio

Project Description:

each student prepares his/her individual web-based electronic portfolio in this class. the purpose of this e-portfolio is to collect, organize and save electronically the student’s coursework in this class and other classes taken at strayer university and other institutions of higher education.

the following major items must be included in the eportfolio project:
•professional look and design
•description of your own educational/learning philosophy
•resume professional training you have received during your career(s)
•description of course(s) you have completed so far in your current program at strayer and other institutions
•samples of papers and projects you have completed at strayer and elsewhere
•academic transcripts and contact information (do not include home/work/cell numbers and home/work addresses)
please follow these formatting guidelines:
•text, font size and colors need to be the same throughout eportfolio.
•interface design needs to be consistent and easy to navigate.
•papers need to be posted in word files.
•place a login id and password on the site.
•eportfolio pages must be clean and organized.

links to well-designed e-portfolios and references are provided below. the url for the completed e-portfolio must be submitted to the class instructor, via email and blackboard’s dropbox.

examples of eportfolios:

•webs for creating free websites: http://www.webs.com
•epsilen portfolios: http://www.epsilen.com
•efolio minnesota: http://www.efoliomn.com
•cte electronic portfolio: http://www.cte.jhu.edu/epweb
•eportfolio with rubricmarker: http://www.chalkandwire.com/eportfolio
•livetext edu solutions: http://college.livetext.com/college/index.html
•folio by eportaro: http://www.eportaro.com
•eportfolio manager by concord: http://www.concord-usa.com
•iwebfolio by nuentive: http://www.iwebfolio.com/login/index.jsp
•eportconsortium: http://www.eportconsortium.org
•student eportfolios (sample): http://www.taskstream.com/ts/more1/welcometoalanmoresonlineeportfolio.html
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