emergency management

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objective 5.5. identify and discuss the political structure of the u.s. emergency management system, and the use of the national guard or other military forces in catastrophe response
how would you characterize the u.s. emergency management system? is it centralized or decentralized?
what do you see are the primary roles for local, state and federal governments in emergency management?
the deployment of dept. of defense resources in response to hurricane katrina was viewed by many as critical to rescue efforts. what limitations need to be acknowledged in the use of military resources in an emergency response?

(objective 5.6. identify and discuss potential federal system break-downs in hypothetical future catastrophic events )
what potential system breakdowns could limit effective preparedness and response efforts to catastrophic events?
how should these system limitations be addressed?
are these limitations also seen in cross boundary international catastrophic events?

the answer should be within 2 pages plus ref. page
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