emerging markets advertisements

Project Description:

pick three countries identified as emerging markets.
the countries currently listed as emerging markets are: brazil, chile, columbia, the czech republic, greece, hungary, india, indonesia, malaysia, mexico, peru, philippines, russia, south africa, south korea, taiwan, thailand, and turkey.
using the internet, find three local advertisements or commercials for a product that is globally available but is being advertised in the select country. if the marketing strategy is very different between countries, you may compare the same product. if you find a similar marketing strategy pick different products for each country. .
write a paper of approximately 500 words that answers these questions:
which of the five types of product and promotion policies are used for each advertisement?
what pricing policies are utilized in each market?
what type of entry mode is likely for each of the products?
format in apa minimum of 3 sources
official sources no wiki or other non peer review
only 1 hr to turn in
no plagiarism these project will be submitted for plagiarism check
20 pay non negotiable and mile stone for 1 hr deadline
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