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the total number of workers who are officially unemployed consists of noninstitutionalized
people aged 16 or older. such workers are willing and are able to work and are actively looking
for job but have not found a job. to calculate the unemployment rate, the government
determines the percentage of labor force that consists of all noninstitutionalized people aged
16 years or older who either have jobs or are available for and actively seeking employment.
consider a small economy comprising six people. based on the criteria used by the bureau of
labor statistics, classify each person as employed, unemployed, not in the labor force, or not in
the adult population—persons not in the labor force must be part of the adult population.
support your answer with an appropriate rationale.
1. bob is a 21-year-old history major at the university of south carolina. it’s summer now,
and he is working as a lifeguard in miami, florida.
2. maria was a 32-year-old english teacher at green hope elementary school. due to
budget cuts, she was laid off at the end of the past school year. it is summer now, and
after a few weeks of vacation with her family, she is currently looking for a part-time job
as a tutor.
3. heather is a 13-year-old student at green hope middle school. she babysits her younger
brother and does other chores, for which her parents give her an allowance of $30 per
4. edward is a 75-year-old retired professor. he enjoys volunteering at the local public
5. john is a 46-year-old autoworker who was laid off from his job six months ago and is
frustrated with his inability to find a full-time position. last week, he took a part-time
job but could work only 10 hours.
6. sandra is a 22-year-old recent college graduate. she did not work for pay last week;
however, she went for two job interviews.

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