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hello i have an essay due on this coming tuesday which is 4/29/14 at 8:00 am. i would like this paper on monday at anytime if possible. it is for english class and i will post the requirements below and attached a file in the end of this. i would an like an a+ essay if possible also.

paper #3 - "weigh in" essay

purpose of paper:

students gain experience summarizing others’ claims and evidence and situating their own thoughts and ideas in relation to the authors’ ideas.

due date: tuesday, april 29, 2014

length - 3 to 4 full page minimum

reading: challenge of cultural relativism

we discussed this reading in class, as it relates to some of the other concepts we have discussed thus far, including the role of groups in defining moral decisions within a community or culture, the idea of good and evil as presented by certain behaviors, and our ability to judge those things based on our own cultural values and traditions. this task calls for two things:

first, you must summarize the article in detail. what arguments does the author put forth about cultural relativism? what is cultural relativism as he defines it? he presents several sides to this - describing what it is, what about it works, and what about it does not work in terms of how we judge human behavior and decisions. he also uses a multitude of examples to illustrate his points. you are to present all the important ideas that he presents. you are required to use at least two quotations from the text within your summary, and your documentation shoudl be in mla format (see sample mla papers in research tools folder).

once you summarize the article, you are to "weigh in" on where you stand on the argument. do you agree with what he says? do you disagree with what he says? why? how would what he says relate to something we looked at in class such as "the lottery" or abani's lottery? obviously, in order to take a position, you must first have a firm grasp of the things the author says in the article, so how good the second part of your paper is will totally depend on how well you summarized the article. as i have said to you before, summary is one of the most vital skills you need as a college student. you will use it in many kinds of papers, but it will also be part of your last two papers for this course - the annotated bibliography and the final research paper. if you need help with what makes a summary successful, look on the purdue owl under your external links for some pointers.
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