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a data model for training is needed for the following requirements. there are a minimum of two instructors and a maximum of 30 instructors in each semester term. there are three semester terms per each academic year. there are up to five courses offered per semester term. each semester term has at least one course offered. each semester term has a minimum enrollment of 15 students and a maximum enrollment of 100 students. each course has at least one assigned instructor per semester term. occasionally, a course will be assigned two instructors per semester term. an instructor cannot teach more than two courses per semester term. an instructor may not be assigned any courses during a semester term. in addition to teaching courses, each instructor may be assigned to do a research project during a semester term. any assigned research projects must be started and completed within a single semester term. an instructor will be assigned no more than one research project per semester term. each course has a minimum enrollment of five students and a maximum enrollment of 30 students. each student is required to take one course per term and may take up to three courses per term.
required: develop an entity-relationship (er) diagram that represents the necessary entities and their relationships including entity names, relationship names, relationship direction arrows, and multiplicity notation for each entity in each relationship. do not assign primary keys (pks), foreign keys (fks), or attributes.

the professor told us a perfect task would have 6 entities. i also attached the supplemental material she provided.
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