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pick a business of your choosing and lay out a practical and comprehensive strategy for making this business entrepreneurial. identify potential customers, competitors, the areas in which this company should be the most entrepreneurial, how you would manage to achieve this, human resource implications, needed culture, management style, and the assessment that would tell you that your efforts to establish an entrepreneurial business have been successful. you may choose your own business, the organization in which you work, or any other type of business including a non-profit to develop a strategic plan to create an entrepreneurial culture within the organization. identify whether you are seeking entrepreneurial emphasis on creating a new product or service or constantly improving the production of a fairly stable product/service for a broader or new market.

there is not a page minimum but should be probably 5 pages or more with at least 5 sources. if possible, i would like this paper to be about walgreens. if not possible, at least a well known company.

also, make sure that entrepreneurship is disussed and how that company can achieve entrepreneurial behavior.
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