equal opportunity and law-human resources

Project Description:

task objective: equal opportunity and the law

task description: in this task, you will research legal regulations, the impact of these regulations regarding the hr processes and hrm.

choose one of these regulations (e.g., the civil rights act, the equal employment opportunities [eeo] act, the immigration and nationality act, or affirmative action) that impacts hr processes.

address the following questions in your paper:
how does your chosen regulation impact hrm?
how does the chosen regulation impact day to day operations in a organization?
what amendments have been made to the chosen regulation in the past five to ten years? how have these amendments affected hrm?

parameters: find peer reviewed articles. weekly written tasks have a minimum requirement of 4-5 pages and 5- 7 scholarly resources (this does not include the title or reference pages) in apa format (as listed below) on the information researched from the article and your views as well.

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