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i have 2 topic chose the easyest one for you and write essay 540 words

in atlanta recently, the city council began discussing the possibility of a ban on young people wearing baggy pants in public. in many professions it is still expected that male employees wear jackets and ties. in some restaurants, patrons are greeted at the door by a sign that commands “proper attire required.” many schools already enforce dress codes. considering these policies for (or against) dress and clothing choices, write an essay that expresses your opinion about the importance of dress or clothing, how clothing affects impressions, personality or even performance. be sure to support your opinion with real examples and observations of your own.


many psychologists suggest that major life events cause a certain degree of stress, regardless of whether we see them as positive or negative. write an essay in which you illustrate why a particular event is one of the most stressful a person can experience. be sure to examine your particular event and clearly discuss why the specific preparations, decisions, outcomes and/or repercussions make this event so stressful.

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