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turnitin task name goals essay final version


now that you have written your goals essay draft version it is time to begin working on the goals essay final version. you will want to check the goals essay draft version task page for the student originality report and you will want to review your instructor’s feedback before starting on your goals essay final version. it is important to also review the goals essay graphical organizer and the goals essay grading rubric once more. these items will help you write your goals essay final version for this week.

be as thorough as possible when writing your goals essay final version, and remember, this is an academic essay, so no “text-talk,” no conversational tone, and above all other things… don’t plagiarize!! lastly, spell-check and proofread your work! failure to follow these steps will negatively impact your grade on tasks.

general formatting guidelines:
•number of paragraphs: 5 typed paragraphs
•font type: times new roman
•font size: 12 point
•margins: 1 inch on all sides
•spacing: double-spacing
•justification: left
•paragraph indentation: use the tab key to indent all paragraphs one half-inch from the left margin
•first page heading: your name, your instructor's name, the course number, and the date (day month year) left aligned

upload the task as a microsoft word (.doc or .docx) document using the following naming protocol: lastnamefirstnamegoalsfinal ( paralegal) is my goal becoming a paralegal. 3 pages


note: your final version will be saved in the repository!

turnitin task name write and submit an argument essay

after studying all related materials, write and submit an argumentative essay of at least 450 words. be sure to proofread, correcting all errors prior to submission. this should be your best effort to date! (when someone work in the courthouse and refuse to marry gay couple is it right)

objective: correctly use the sexi formula to demonstrate critical thinking in an article response;( format according to mla requirements.)

choose (two) interesting article from among those in the articles folder. read it carefully, and then respond to it in a two-page sexi essay according to instructions at the top of the main course page. 1. abusers 2. let the uninsured die or wait abstinence only.
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