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good afternoon,

please read my instruction very carefully; my professor asked me to do this task and send it back to him as an extra-credit for his class because i need help. however, i don't have the time to do it and i'm broke. here i post the link on which you need to click on and read the pictures pages that i uploaded there. there are two books, based on these two books i need to do a summary essay of 3 pages+ 1 page of what i think regarding both of them. starting on picture #25, the second book start. make sure you use examples of both book and put it like this .....etc....etc...(book #1).

i need this task to be done in less than 14 hours. if you do it right, my friends and i we might send you more task. please do it as soon as you can and avoid plagiarism at all cost!!!!!!!!! thank you.
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