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did some aspect of this course captivate you and make you wish that you had more time to wrestle with it? then you’re in luck! this class’s final task, the “capstone essay,” gives you the opportunity to widen and deepen your thinking on that topic in the context of how the intersection of religion, violence, and globalization is pertinent to your own lives (past, present, and/or future). this is not a research project, so you are not required to incorporate any materials outside of those encountered in this class (readings, films, music, class discussions, etc.). you may do so, but you should keep these to a minimum. what is important here is that you put forth your own thoughts and ideas, and that you do so in dialogue with the course’s materials. this task, therefore, is an essay 3000 words that asks you to craft a synthetic, systematic, and concise analysis that illuminates your sensitivity to the nuances of a particular debate or issue rather than one where you assemble multiple sources/quotes merely keep reiterating
your argument and supporting claims. in a word, you will be writing from the heart in a way that is
driven by the head, crafting an in-depth, well-organized, and self-critical reflection in light of our course.

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