ethical issue of management

Project Description:

the project must be typewritten, and where appropriate, must contain reference sources, endnotes and a bibliography. the project must also include an appendix which contains copies of journal articles, cases and press releases. the term project must be a minimum of 8 full pages and a maximum of 9 pages in length, double spaced (no multiple spaces between lines), 12” font (no larger fonts), and must have 1-inch margins. the appendix, reference sources / bibliography, cover and table of contents do not count as the 8-9 page allotment. again, the term project is mandatory and must be submitted on the due date.

business ethics research & case analysis journal – term project requirements
i. develop a professional journal which includes a binder, cover, table of contents and executive summary.
in addition to the standard requirements for an executive summary, the executive summary must define ethics and the importance of ethics in the business context.

ii. conduct research and select (three in total):
a. one recent news/journal article related to business ethics which includes a managerial dilemma
b. one case related to business ethics which includes a managerial dilemma
c. one recent press release related to business ethics which includes a managerial dilemma
note: the business ethics related topics for the article, case and press release must be different. do not use the same topic or company/business for your article, case or press release. also, you must do your own research to find relevant material, thus for this project you may not use the cases in your textbook.

iii. write a mini-report for each of the above selected items (one for the article, one for the case and one for the press release). each mini-report must include the following:
a. at least two pages
b. a summary of the article, case and press release
c. identification of the ethical issue and dilemma and the possible impact on the business, stakeholders and society at large
d. application of ethical principles covered in the course to the issues/facts presented in the article, case and press release (theories and contemporary techniques from the textbook and presentations must be applied to each.)
e. your evaluation/assessment of how the ethical issue/dilemma was handled. questions to be considered: how was it reported in the media? did the company resolve / attempt to resolve the issue? etc. provide justification for your evaluation/assessment.
f. your recommendation as to how the ethical issue/dilemma should be resolved. include the advantages and disadvantages.
note: be descriptive, provide details and thorough explanations. pay attention to grammar, spelling, syntax, organization.

case studies can be found online, in newspapers, books, various journals etc. recommended journals include: “academy of management executive, academy of management journal, academy of management review, asia pacific journal of human resources, california management review, european management journal, global focus, group and organization studies, harvard business review, human resource management journal, human resource planning, international business review, international journal of human resource management, international journal of inter-cultural relations, international labor review, international studies of management and organization, journal of international business studies, journal of management, journal of management development, journal of world business, management international review, organizational dynamics, organization studies, personnel psychology, personnel review, scandinavian journal of management, sloan management review, strategic management journal, and others.”
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