ethical theory & business

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need help answering these four questions. needs to be at least 200 words per question.

the book used is beauchamp, t. l., bowie, n. e., & arnold, d. g. (2009). ethical theory and business (8th ed.). upper saddle river, nj: prentice hall

chapter 8

i do not have anyway to provide a copy of the book

1. in “intellectual property and the information age,” richard t. de george begins by examining the case of napster and the practice of sharing digital music over the internet. he concludes by arguing that determining whether an action with regard to copyright protection is moral or immoral will depend on the balancing of competing conceptions and justifications for copyright protection. using the positions that de george lays out, examine the case with which de george begins. do you believe that this activity is morally justified or immoral? why?
2. explain cooley’s argument in “genetically modified organisms and business duties.” what would cooley say about the activities of monsanto and related in the case study “monsanto’s round-up ready wheat”? in general, do you agree or disagree with cooley? why, or why not?
3. in “intellectual property and pharmaceutical drugs: an ethical analysis,” richard t. de george lays out what he comes to call the “status quo approach” as a defense of copyright protection of pharmaceuticals. do you find this argument persuasive regarding ethical pricing of pharmaceuticals? why, or why not?
4. in “internet content providers and complicity in human rights abuse,” jeffery d. smith argues that while icps may be complicit in human rights abuse, they may strive to minimize their complicity. do you believe that the strategies he imagines are sufficient to absolve icps of any moral wrongdoing that arises from their complicity in these abuses? why, or why not? if not, what do you believe that icps should do?
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