ethics and the internet

Project Description:

address the following case in a minimum of 300 words:
plagiarism is a significant potential problem in secondary education. a fellow student tells you of a great website that contains numerous completed essays. while you are doing your own work and getting good grades, you have a professor that grades on a curve.

answer the following questions in your essay:
do you take the chance and use the website for assistance with a particularly difficult task, or do you take a potentially low grade?
would your answer be different if you knew there was almost no chance of getting caught? what if you were guaranteed to not get caught?
what if you also found out that others in your class are using the site?
also compare this situation to a situation in the business world. answer the following questions:
in what business situations are you likely to encounter ethical issues concerning use of another's work?
what obligations do you have to your business to ensure that all the work you submit is either your own or properly credited to the originator?
are there areas other than written text where you should be concerned?
what ethics do you use to guide you in these situations (both the use of pre-done paper as well as in business)?
explain your answers.

submission requirements:
submit your response in a 1-page word document.
use arial, 12-point font.
use double-spacing.
follow apa writing style.
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