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Project Description:

please compose a well-organized paper of 600-750 words (not counting references).
be sure to use introductory and concluding paragraphs and adhere to the required word count.
any source that you use has to be documented (citation in your text and references at the end).
prepare your paper in full apa style, including formatting, title page, citations, and references.

1. begin with an introduction in which you provide the context and/or describe one of the three following problems: immigration, healthcare reform, or welfare. (if you have chosen one of those topics for your final paper, please use one of the other two for this exercise.)

2. in your next paragraph of 150 to 200 words, apply virtue ethics to solving your chosen problem.

3. in your next paragraph of 150 to 200 words, apply care ethics to the same problem.

4. in your concluding paragraph of a minimum of 200 words, use one of the applied theories (such as kantian ethics or utilitarian ethics?) to argue your solution to the problem and explain why you chose that particular theory as your tool.
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