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many of the states having been adding law that makes samesex marriage legal. (indiana is not oneof them.) not all businesses in thewedding industry are embracing the idea of assisting gay and lesbian couples inarranging their wedding ceremonies, however. read the attached article that was featured in the wall street journal and identify and discuss the ethical dilemmassurrounding this subject.

an ethical dilemma is something that people have differentideas on its “rightness” or “wrongness.” for instance, if the task was to discuss stem cell research, youwould have to discuss the pros and cons surrounding abortion (fetal stem cellsare still among the richest), as well as whether it is alright to experiment onhuman beings at all.

this paper is not about your particular opinion; after all,your opinion is your own to keep. thepaper is an exercise in learning to think outside the box, and becoming able toempathize and sympathize with others and their views. the more ethical dilemmas you can identifyand discuss, the better your grade for the paper’s content will be.

you must write aminimum of 800 words on the topic. besides identifying and discussing ethical dilemmas you should alsoapply the ethical theories (duty-based and outcomes-based) and socialresponsibility theories (stockholder and stakeholder) to the situations. grammar, spelling and the appropriate use ofcitations/references (you will have at least one)will be graded. you should use the apa style of writing.
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