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ethics 2- susan g. komen intellectual property issue
please write a responsive writing of 3-4 pages to the article linked at
your paper should contain a clear thesis supported by a critical thinking analysis of the issue that considers the views of all involved. your response should demonstrate understanding of at least one theory of ethical thought (utilitarianism, deontological or humanist ethics). in addition, you should clearly evaluate various possible outcomes and the impact of each course on the parties and state your preferred outcome in a clear thesis statement. 20 points total, evaluated on the rubric below.
you must attach this page as the first page of your responsive writing.
the items below will each be graded on a 0-5 point scale (0- non-responsive, 1- unsatisfactory, 2- partially responsive, 3-satisfactory, 4- proficient, 5- master).

identifies ethical dilemma and demonstrates knowledge of an ethical framework __________

evaluation of the parties affected and viewpoints __________
(should demonstrate a consideration of the rights and interests of those involved)
critical thinking analysis and evaluation of possible courses of action and outcomes __________
(should incorporate your ethical theory in identifying possible courses; should clearly evaluate different possible courses of action)
writing style, format, etc. __________

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