ethnic market and restaurant review and comparison

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there are two parts for this project:
part i: food market comparison: visit an ethnic market that services the group of your choice. do not choose a market of your descent- example; you are of italian descent then choose a jamaican market or a market not of italian descent.  write your findings in 1-2 pages that report what you found regarding canned and other dry foods, fresh produce, meats and protein foods and convenience products (ready to eat or minimal preparation) in the ethnic market.  compare and contrast these foods (cost, display, freshness, size etc) to what you would find in a large neighborhood supermarket.  comment on the organization of products and customer service.
 include the addresses and phone numbers of each establishment reviewed.  include a picture that you took of the store front.
part ii: restaurant meal comparison: visit an ethnic restaurant (must have table service) of the group of your choice and one you usually choose and whose food you are familiar with.  the ethnic restaurant may be different from the ethnic market choice. prepare yourself for this experience by researching features of the new ethnic cuisine you will soon enjoy.  relate your restaurant experiences in 2-3 pages.  describe how you are greeted and seated.  identify the seating arrangements, decor and utensils in each restaurant.  report the food choices on the menu and the way that they were grouped and price  discuss the similarities and differences in preparation techniques, seasonings used, accompanying sauces and other dishes, and tastes.  discuss your feelings about being in a familiar versus unfamiliar surroundings to eat food.  comment on the general atmosphere in the restaurant and interactions between people and wait staff.  give name and address of each restaurant.  include a picture of the table setting that you took.
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