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i want the following task to be completed by thursday midnight...i have attached 2 document that will be helpful to answer the questions.

a.recall your preferred lens from module 1's assessment. now that you have combined lenses, how do you balance it with the other three? identify any factors that have caused you to appreciate the aspects of the other lenses as you combined them with your preferred lens.
b.describe three ways that you balanced the results and reputation lenses this week to help you choose the option you selected.
c.the desire for consensus (or at least entertaining town halls and public forums to hear many opinions) is a critical factor as the two lenses are combined. in what ways are forums or town halls effective to help groups of people combine competing views? what ways do you agree or disagree with this approach?
d.why do the believers in the teleological tradition believe that decision makers will let their conscience be their guide?
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