excel analze data and automate processes

Project Description:

use vlookup functions:
1. start excel. open file and save it as a macro-enabled workbook .
2. use vlooku function in column h to determine the total cost for each event. the function should use the subtotal in clolumn g as the lookup value and search the misc_costs table for miscellaneous costs, the value of which should be added to the subtotal in column g to arrive at the total cost.
3/use vlookup function in column i' to determine the classification for each event. the function should use the subtotal in column g as th elooku and search the misc_costs table for the proper classification.

create pivottable and pivotcharts
4. create a pivottable and pivotchart on a new worksheet , based on the aril expense data.
5. rename the new sheet with descriptive name of your choice. rename the pivottable as april expenses.
6. set up fields for the pivottable so the table and chart summarize the data by genre and then by play mode.
7. set up fields so the event costs are calculated separately.
8. format all numbers in pivottable with accounting format.
9. change the chart type to clustered bar and apply a pivotchart style and a chart layout of your choice
10. make ny adjustments necessary to fit the pivottable and pivotchart on one printed age.
11. ensure that disable all macros with notification is selected
12.ensure that the show the message bar .... otion is selected
13.on the april expense reort worksheet , select cell g1
14begin recording a new macro
15name the macro newfield and store it in this workbook. your macro should record all of actions in step 16-18
16. select cell a5 and choose home-cells-insert
17. select cell k5 and type new event
18. highlight the range e5:h5 an dapply accounting format
19. stop macro recording
run and assign macros
20. run the macro using run command in macro dialog box
21.assign shortcut keystroke ctrl+shift+r to the macro
22. test the macro using the ctrl+shift+r keystroke combination
23. delete the three blank rows above the worksheet data
24. save as macro-enabled workbook and then close the file, exit excel
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