excel task

Project Description:

instructions: (use formulas or functions unless otherwise noted)

create a model using the template on d2l. (filename: 3100 excel task 3 outline fall 2015)

add range names to cells b9, b10, and b11 as follows:

$800.00: machinery cost

36: payment period

4.5%: interest rate

abc inc. decided to purchase a machine costing $800.00 with an interest rate of 4.5%, payments are made over the course of 36 months.

calculate the “monthly payment” that needs to be made given the above scenario. use the pmt function to determine the payment amount.

calculate the amount that constitutes for the “principle payment” using the ppmt function.

calculate the “interest” using a formula. (difference between monthly payment and principle payment)

insert a “line with markers” chart depicting the “cost of goods sold.”

add “cost of goods sold for two quarters” as the chart title.

change the legend from “series 1” to “cost of goods sold.”

change the x-axis label to read the name of the months rather then numbers.

insert another chart that compares the “revenue” of units to the “cost of goods sold.” use a “clustered column chart” to depict the data.

add “comparison of revenue to cost of goods sold” as the chart title.

change the legend appropriately to read “revenue” and “cogs.”

change the x-axis labels to read the month series (january, february, march…).

page orientation landscape; create a header to include your name (center section), infs 3100 fall 2015 (right section), and excel task # 3 (left section). (use the header function.)

print a copy of your completed worksheet. (no row or column borders, e.g., a, b, c, 1, 2, 3)

print a copy of your cell formulas.

submit hardcopies of your work. there will be 2 pages. (staple the pages together.)

save your file. you may need to use it again for the next task. (i may request to see the file electronically.)
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