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answer the following five questions by creating an excel spreadsheet for each.
your sheets should include centered headers in bold 12 point font.
borders around all numbers and text boxes
all numbers should be aligned right.
i must be able to see the formulas you created imbedded in your sheet when i click on the box with your answers.
enter $ signs and % signs in your spread sheets, as discussed in class practice/blackboard problems.
percents should be rounded to the nearest tenth, currency to the nearest hundredth.

if net sales for a department store are $1,258,365 and total cost of goods sold are $365,584. create an excel spreadsheet that calculates gross margin dollars.

if the gross margin dollars for the men’s department at a local department store are $875,197 and the departments net sales are $1,592,630. create an excel spreadsheet that calculates gross margin percent for the department.

if a store had the following sales and costs for each of the styles listed, create an excel spreadsheet that calculates cumulative markup dollars.
style a has retail sales of $157,845 and cost 78,925
style b had retail sales of $458,796 and cost $215,789
style c had retail sales of $58,745 and cost $22,578

if a store has net sales of $89,375 and its staff takes a physical inventory on july 1, 2008 which shows an on hand stock level of $25,259,786 and its beginning inventory for the year was $25,256,658, what was the stores shortage or overage in dollars and percent, for the period in question?

the children’s buyer (department #49) had a group of 150 ski jackets, style #200, and vendor #87, priced at $75 each. the weather was warm, and sales were poor on this particular style. after 25 pieces sold, the buyer decided to reduce them to $68. at this price, 90 pieces sold. the remaining pieces were broken in size and color, so the buyer decided to clear them from stock and further reduced them to $58. what was the total dollar markdown taken? calculate your answer on an excel spreadsheet.
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